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Welcome to my website.

Hello and welcome to my website. All of my works are for sale, and we can arrange quotes for shipping. If you would like more information regarding any of my works, or would like to organise a commissioned piece then please feel free to contact me via my contact page. To view and purchase my current works please visit my Bluethumb shop at or proceed to my gallery store in the menu bar above. 

Places in my mind.

Hillier and Skuse Gallery

I am very excited to be represented by a new Gallery on the Gold Coast. Hillier and Skuse gallery will be officially opened on the 18th September. They are situated at 88 Bundall Rd in Bundall. (next door to Masters).

Please stop by and have a look at all of the fabulous art works that this new and exciting Gallery has to offer.

Artist's Statement

My process often starts with asking myself 'where would I like to be today?' It's usually a wide open space that I want to be in, and I can have a look around to see whats there. Not necessarily what's expected, but what I would like to see there. The idea usually unfolds as I go, the placing of one object determines the next, guided by an overall mood and colour scheme that I have decided on. The imagery I use is drawn from personal experience, from childhood memories right through to current observations and everyday life. In the landscape format, I can surround myself with things I find interesting and leave out all the clutter that would probably be there in real life.

I start with the darkest tones and move forward to the lightest, highlighting little ordinary details along the way. Depicting ordinary detailed objects against vast spaces of nothing, is what I find most fascinating. So the finished piece is something that is familiar but at the same time a little unusual. It's not quite what we see everyday, but it's always where I'd like to be.